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Module information


This module provides knowledge on a variety of areas of tropical medicine that are important for the DTM&H and will provide students with increased knowledge and skills to diagnosis, treat and prevent diseases that are especially prevalent in low and middle-income countries. The module encompasses more practical aspects and more areas other than infectious diseases.


  • Clinical approach in tropical medicine
To Chris: which do you like "Clinical approach in ..." or "General principles in ..." ?
  • Epidemiology & statistics
  • Maternal health
  • Child health

1. Clinical approach in tropical medicine

Learning objectives

  1. Understand common things and differences in clinical approach between tropical medicine and 'non-tropical' medicine
  2. Understand neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) and how to control them
  3. Be aware of diagnostic tests, antimicrobial drugs, immunization and drug discovery in tropical medicine

Can you describe what are common and what are different in clinical approach between tropical medicine and 'non-tropical' medicine, or between resource-rich settings and resource-limited settings? What are common causes of fever encountered in tropical and subtropical regions? BMJ's "Fever Identification Charts" is a well designed at-a-glance resource.

Can you explain neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) and their importance? What kind of efforts are being made to control them and what are barriers? WHO's dedicated website of NTDs will help you to understand.

Lecture recordings and handouts to follow: